For this year’s Munich Creative Business Week on May 14th 2024, a diverse group of design enthusiasts and experts gathered at N+P Innovation Design to engage in a vibrant cross-border dialogue on sustainability.


Organized in collaboration with the global design collective "circle" from Shanghai, represented by Liu Shen and Hui Tse Gan, the event kicked off with an insightful presentation from Christiane Bausback and Liu Shen, highlighting the current developments in sustainability from both European and Chinese perspectives.


Circle, currently working on a comprehensive whitepaper, shared preliminary insights into the sustainability strategies of Chinese companies, based on interviews with senior designers. These insights revealed the different motivations driving sustainable business practices in Europe and China, offering a rich comparative perspective.

The introduction of the "PlusRise" program, a strategic framework co-developed by Circle and N+P Innovation Design, aims to enhance collaboration between European and Chinese companies to promote environmentally friendly and resilient business practices.


PlusRise facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and resources, thereby intensifying cooperation and fostering a dynamic ecosystem where partnerships form the foundation for tangible progress and mutual growth in sustainability efforts. The program embodies a regenerative innovation model, offering solutions that benefit both the environment and businesses.

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