"Understanding and empathizing with people has always been at the core of design."


Design resides at the root of every innovation made practical, livable, enjoyable, and breathable in our everyday lives. It shapes our daily lives with features we take for granted, that did not exist a decade ago, combining innovations in material, technology, computing, and structural advancements – often by the pure stroke of a pen.


The stroke of the pen, however, is driven by conscious choices based on deliberate parameters that drive its strokes. To come up with purpose-driven innovation, you need to carefully balance four factors: Desirability, Feasibility, Viability, and Sustainability.


Discover how we rethink, innovate, and create sustainable visions in our article "Sustainable Design Thinking: a smart, integrative, and strategic process that places sustainability as one of the key success factors." on page 199-202 of "The World is Round", edited by Josip Tomasevic and Hajo Drees.



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