We are delighted to announce the inauguration of the the new hydrogen buses for the administrative districts of Munich and Ebersberg. On July 14th, these innovative vehicles were proudly showcased to the public for the first time. Starting this fall, the buses will be in regular service, replacing loud and emission-rich diesel engines with quiet, zero-emission fuel cells!

N+P takes great pride in designing the livery and developing a set of marketing slogans that are placed on the side and the back of the bus. The main tag line reads "Uns bewegt der Wasserstoff", which losely translates to "We are moved by hydrogen". The livery design builds upon the new iconic MVV livery also created by N+P, while highlighting the use of hydrogen with flowing lines and striking gradients.


With these hydrogen buses set to serve the public soon, we are hopeful that they will play a crucial role in reducing emissions and creating a cleaner environment for everyone!


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