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our success is based on teamwork

We are an experienced international team of industrial and graphic designers as well as specialists for 3D visualisations and animations. Our team is supported by highly qualified external partners from the areas of architecture and prototype making.

  • Portrait Christiane Bausback

    Christiane Bausback

    Managing Director Head of Design

  • Portrait Andreas Bergstraesser

    Andreas Bergstraesser

    Design Manager

  • Portrait Julian Grote

    Julian Grote

    Senior Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Katharina Mayer

    Katharina Mayer

    Senior Product Designer

  • Portrait Joke Bergstraesser

    Joke Bergstraesser

    Office Manager

  • Portrait David Beyersdorffer

    David Beyersdorffer

    Senior Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Julia Oberndörfer

    Julia Oberndörfer

    Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Alessandro Boldrin

    Alessandro Boldrin

    Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Barend Visser

    Barend Visser

    Interaction Designer



    Junior Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Philipp Emmert

    Philipp Emmert

    Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Yohann Mesmer-Dudons

    Yohann Mesmer-Dudons

    Junior Technical Designer

  • Portrait Denis Junemann

    Denis Junemann

    Visual Designer

  • Portrait Jeanne Bourel

    Jeanne Bourel

    Junior Industrial Design

  • Portrait Andrea Alvarez

    Andrea Alvarez

    Industrial Designer

  • Portrait Katharina Brunner

    Katharina Brunner

    Intern UI/UX Design

  • Portrait Max Holstein

    Max Holstein

    Intern Industrial Design

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    ALEXANDER Neumeister

    Founder, retired ex-partner in 2011


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