Driving Madrid Forward

Buses offer many benefits as a widely used, easily implementable mass transit system. However, to make cities sustainable, emissions must be reduced. By building on the latest green technology, N+P developed a future bus for Madrid, aligned with Europe’s urban mobility de-carbonization plan. But technology alone isn’t enough; understanding passenger needs and providing a holistic experience is crucial in making urban bus travel more attractive.



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An innovative bus fleet that symbolizes Madrid’s vanguard in sustainable mobility, passenger experience and holistic well-being.

Any solution only becomes a holistic, sustainable system if it is genuinely adopted by real people.

The mobility sector is shifting towards sustainable and de-carbonized energy models. However, the success of this transformation depends on public adoption. For these solutions to evolve into holistic sustainable systems, it’s vital to understand varying passenger needs. With this goal in mind, the project focused on equally prioritizing sustainability, passenger experience and digitalization.

An iconic, spacious and homey Mediterranean atmosphere that comforts all passengers.

The furniture and space blend to create an iconic and vibrant combination of tones. The wood elements and the gradient-tempered glass add a welcoming and homey touch. This modern interior enriches passenger comfort and also elevates their overall journey. Through meticulous attention to detail, the interior fosters a sense of relaxation and luxury that sets a new standard in passenger experience, making every journey an exceptional and memorable one.

Effective zoning to create an intuitive passenger flow.

The bus is thoughtfully divided into three zones to ensure a seamless passenger experience and optimized passenger flow. Its maximum seating capacity ranges between 41 and 51 seats, covering multiple user needs, no matter what day or time. Some of the features include varied facing and different types of seats, a spacious lounge area featuring a panoramic view, luggage racks, inductive phone charging stations and a convenient water dispenser.

A lasting passenger experience defined by real people.

Understanding the needs of Madrid’s passengers was essential in order to promote the attractiveness of urban bus mobility, but also to enhance their positive journey experience. We used passenger archetypes to design functional features and comfortable seating compositions that meet multiple needs and desires, ensuring passengers have a positive, enjoyable, and lasting experience.

The city bus as a means of communication.

Digitization plays a crucial role in the exterior design by facilitating communication between operators, passengers, and pedestrians. The 360-degree digital band around the vehicle’s top displays information in real-time and visualizes the most convenient entrance for passengers. It also allows the driver to share information, which contributes to a safer and more efficient transportation system, even for pedestrians.

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