Inspiring Evolution

The BPS® Mevo represents the new generation of banknote handling system that efficiently counts, checks, and sorts large volumes of banknotes. It offers faster processing, higher accuracy, and increased security, making it suitable for banks and businesses. Key features include new software, advanced counterfeit detection, efficient error handling, enhanced sensor evaluation, and a new stacker module. This upgrade enhances efficiency, security, and user experience, addressing the evolving needs of the financial sector.









Industrial design

Design for Manufacture

Video Animation


3D Rendering

New look, strong on the inside: Explore the new improved design.


New technology and design enables highly precise classification of banknotes

The BPS® M evo series brings efficiency, sustainability, and safety improvements with a user-friendly design. Its standardized external look features cadet grey and onyx black, reflecting G+D's forward-thinking design language. Notable enhancements include better module access, transparent surfaces for process visibility, and ergonomic machine bases, aligning with automated processes and reducing prolonged seated work.

Setting the new standard for user-friendly banknote handling

The new design of the BPS® Mevo impresses with its user-friendly design, making it accessible to operators with minimal training. Its efficiency, driven by advanced detection tech and smart software, swiftly processes banknotes with minimal errors. These benefits increase accuracy, productivity, and resource savings, ensuring smoother financial operations and lowered risks.

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