Seamless deli-vending for passengers

Project Brief

AVA is an AGV-enabled service platform offering passengers personalised, high quality meals throughout their journeys - across different transportation modes. This vision of a seamless deli-vending infrastructure was based on current trends in nutrition, consumption, behaviour, mobility and connectivity.








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Healthy and convenient food delivery for passengers

Mobility determines our lives more than ever. Despite many technical innovations, a good quality meal isn't always easy to come by when travelling. AVA is an intermodal platform that enables travellers to access a variety of fresh, quality food throughout their journey and across many different modes of transport.

People are different, and so are their food preferences

AVA’s individual user options take into account factors such as age, gender and weight. Beyond food-related information, preferences regarding the eating place enable a tailored dining experience. Consumption data like portion size or side-orders supports the customization of meals. Individual day and long term nutrition tracking assists with a healthy and varied diet. Over time AVA learns what each user requires from food and how they want to experience it.

Modular deli-vending infrastructure

AVA matches personal and external food sources dynamically to passenger routes and individual preferences. Mobile-food requires revised recipes and updated plans for supply and demand. Ingredient intersections ease the production process and reduce food waste from the beginning. Individual kitchens are replaced by centralized preparation centres. External food sources complement AVA’s unique design and help to shorten the supply chain, especially in rural areas.

Mobile meal-matching

Mobile meal-matching balances dining desires with the capabilities of a mobile dining cloud network. Beyond enabling a premium dining experience, mobile meal-matching provides opportunities for all parties involved. It supports demand bundling, improves demand-forecasts for food sources and the collective transport of food for people. Demand management can also be balanced for peak and off-peak times.

"The intersection of artificial intelligence and digital services offers completely new forms of hospitality: Personalized catering services will become a decisive factor when choosing between different travel options. The AVA concept gives us a glimpse into the future."

Helmut Ramsauer, Business Transformation Expert

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