Corporate design guidelines

Project Brief

AVL is the world’s leading independent company specializing in development, simulation, and testing across the automotive industry. Renowned as a global technology innovator, AVL offers comprehensive concepts, solutions, and methodologies spanning e-Mobility, ADAS, autonomous driving, vehicle integration, digitalization, virtualization, Big Data, and more. As part of this collaboration, N+P crafted a cohesive visual guideline, harmonizing diverse product types and versatile manufacturing techniques into a holistic corporate product design.




Since 2017




Branding + Communication

Business + Strategy

Adaptive design details

The AVL corporate product design flexibly accommodates functional needs and technical specifications. Given the broad spectrum of AVL products, a highly adaptable design language is essential. The orientation of the blue dividing line has been standardized across all three axes, allowing for seamless adaptation to various technical requirements.

Streamlined efficiency

The established design language was distilled into comprehensive guidelines and organized into a CPD manual. This manual streamlines the decision-making process for future product designs, enhancing efficiency and ultimately reinforcing the brand's image.

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