AVL Corporate Product Design

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry and other sectors. As a global technology leader, AVL provides concepts, solutions and methodologies in the fields of e-Mobility, ADAS and autonomous driving, vehicle integration, digitalization, virtualization, Big Data, and much more. Within this collaboration N+P developed a clear visual guideline that unites all different types of products and its versatile manufacturing techniques in a holistic corporate product design.





Since 2017




Strategic design
Industrial design
Digital design
Design for manufacture

Mass producing design - the design guidelines for AVL streamline decision making and ensure a coherent brand image.

Adaptive design across all product categories

The AVL corporate product design adapts to functional needs and technical requirements. The wide range of AVL products requires a highly flexible design language. The orientation of the blue dividing-line was implemented on all three axes and can be adapted to any technical requirements.

Corporate Product Design Manual

The developed design language was translated into clear guidelines and structured into a CPD manual. Based on the manual, future product designs can be decided upon faster, more efficiently and will most importantly strengthen the overall brand image.

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