Laboratory technology with personalized analysis

The Bloom System combines real-time data processing with medical research. The Bloom Lab has been developed to analyse Bloom Test Strips quickly and accurately. The system is simple to setup, is maintenance free by design and can be easily cleaned. N+P was responsible for the product design of the Bloom Lab and the Bloom Test.


Bloom Diagnostics AG






Industrial Design

Bridging the gap between professional medical devices and consumer products. Together with Bloom Diagnostics we turned advanced, accessible healthcare into reality.

The smart Bloom System makes healthcare more accessible

The Bloom System enables anyone to measure blood markers in a few minutes, directly at home or at a partner location. Relevant health information will be recorded in the Bloom App and evaluated in connection with the blood sample, to produce a personalized health report containing an individual analysis and actionable information. Easily understandable, fast and fully encrypted.

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