The future of breakfast

The DNA of N+P is to constantly question established norms and redefine the status quo. This design study was created to envision the future of breakfast routines and their product ecosystem. It’s visually long-lasting due to its geometrical shapes, harmonious lines and reduction to the essentials.









Strategic design
Industrial design

Envisioning the most advanced yet acceptable breakfast set of the future. N+P designed three vision concepts using the MAYA method for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Vision line

The most innovative breakfast set concept convinces with high design quality, progressive functionality and appealing aesthetics. It's visually long-lasting due to its geometrical shapes, harmonious lines and design reduction. Through new physical and digital interaction elements, the user experience is unique and iconic. Trendsetters, technological developements and other innovations that will change the market were considered in the designs.

Trend Line

This next generation breakfast set makes use of technology that enable customers to adapt to their stressful everyday life. For example, coffee is prepared in a takeaway container and is ready to go when you are.

Pure Line

Sometimes a refreshment or facelift is enough to redefine the identity of a brand and set it apart from the competitors on the market. In this concept past successes concerning functionality and appearance are aligned with long-time goals and desired brand identity. Perfection lies in the details.

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