Cambaum Smart Gate

The Cambaum Smart Gate is an automated border control solution that improves the boarding experience through intuitive passenger guidance. The passport reader and bio-metric facial recognition software are combined with an integrated sensor system to ensure smooth passenger flow and prevent queues from forming.


Cambaum GmbH







Industrial design


Design for manufacture

The Cambaum Smart Gate represents a new design identity for the future of gate solutions at airports, railway stations and industrial buildings worldwide.

The new standard in passenger management

The smart gate for airports: setting new standards in accessibility, visibility, cost efficiency and hygiene. The product is designed to be fully automatic and makes use of touchless interactions to maintain high hygienic standards. The gates themselves are modular and can be customized to meet the individual needs of any airport and customer.

Intuitive user guidance

The iconic angled shape, layered glass surfaces and a smart lighting system intuitively guide the passenger through the self-boarding process. As passengers approach the gate, the smart lighting system activates, lighting up the first interaction point and leading the passenger step-by-step through the entire process. The seamless and smooth product surfaces are easy to clean and meet all hygienic challenges in public spaces.

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