City Transformer at IAA Mobility 2021

As the lead media agency for City Transformer at IAA Mobility 2021, we used a compelling storyline to position the world’s first size adjustable vehicle, the CT1, successfully in the European and international press. The CT1 was named as one of the top ten cars of IAA Mobility 2021 by Forbes and reached over 2 billion potential readers globally.



City Transformer






Brand Strategy

PR Strategy


Positioning City Transformer as

the "next big thing" of IAA Mobility 2021

Our targeted PR strategy maximised City Transformer's outreach

By grouping our media contacts into different levels, we provided relevant information and targeted media incentives such as interviews. In addition to the story we told, this subsequently created interest and excitement in the build-up to IAA Mobility 2021. This explains why City Transformer’s media coverage sky-rocketed following the CT1’s world premiere: The media was eager to publish their stories.

We told a story worth covering: CT is here to transform our cities

With our strategic approach, we were able to generate a 1500% increase in global media traffic. Features in the national and international press meant that over 2 billion potential readers were reached within a tight timeframe of 3 months.

“People tend to forget that PR is not the abbreviation of propaganda – it’s all about building meaningful relationships with diverse audiences. We have to tell honest stories about real companies, with a clear purpose to highlight their exciting new solutions. We therefore told City Transformer’s story authentically, with fewer buzz words and more innovation impact. This generated a global media echo and established CT as the next challenger brand in green urban mobility.”

– Benno Flotzinger, Corporate Innovation Designer and New Business Coordinator at N+P

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