DB Regio Concept Study

The future of regional trains

Project Brief

In close collaboration with DB Regio, N+P developed an outlook on the future of regional trains. At the intersection of DB and its various local subsidiaries, the future of domestic train travel within Germany was visualized. Realistic framework conditions were taken into account and served as a foundation for different horizons of innovation. Ultimately, a unique design language was developed.


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Horizons for rolling stock innovation

As the entire mobility industry is going through its biggest paradigm shift since the invention of the Otto engine, the only certainty is that mobility ecosystems will dramatically change. N+P supported DB Regio in finding disruptive rolling stock solutions. Together we created three horizons of innovation, in order to pro-actively anticipate future mobility scenarios.


While current regional train infrastructure has clear limitations, trains offer unique opportunities like no other modes of mobility. In addition to DB’s unlimited luggage policy, the spacious footprint facilitates movement inside the train, while passengers are able to unwind by enjoying unique panoramic perspectives.

Changing passenger needs

The change in passenger expectations and needs has already started. Traveling no longer means getting from A to B: Today’s passengers expect to be able to make the best use of their travel time. No matter if this means working, enjoying the moment or interacting with others – passenger needs have never been more diverse. Subsequently, the interior of regional trains must be designed to respond to this.

An intermodal ecosystem

One of the most significant drivers of tomorrow’s mobility experiences are its interconnected relations. When envisioning the future, it is most probable that there won’t be one form of mobility that enables everything. Instead, regional trains will become an integral part of the ecosystem by supporting passengers in mastering their multi-modal journeys.

Holistic mobility experiences

Extreme situations define and shape any travel experience – it only takes a single moment to ruin an entire journey. Therefore all parts and potential passenger groups of DB’s regional train fleet were taken into account. Only by identifying, designing and evaluating experiences holistically, we are able to successfully tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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