Driving Madrid Forward

The future bus for a greener Madrid

Project Brief

Buses offer many benefits as a widely used, easily implementable mass transit system. However, to make cities sustainable, emissions must be reduced. By building on the latest green technology, N+P developed a future bus for Madrid, aligned with Europe’s urban mobility de-carbonization plan. But technology alone isn’t enough; understanding passenger needs and providing a holistic experience is crucial in making urban bus travel more attractive.








Product + Innovation

Digital + Services

Branding + Communication

A spacious, Mediterranean-inspired interior

The seating and spatial design blend to create an iconic and vibrant combination of tones. The wooden elements and gradient-tempered glass provide a welcoming yet luxurious experience, enriching passenger comfort and elevating the overall journey.


Effective zoning for an intuitive passenger flow

The bus is strategically divided into three zones to ensure a smooth passenger experience and efficient flow. With a seating capacity of 41 to 51 seats, it caters to diverse user needs throughout the day. Features include a variety of seating arrangements, a spacious lounge area with panoramic views, luggage racks, inductive phone charging stations, and a convenient water dispenser.

Real-world insights shaping lasting passenger experiences

To enhance the appeal of urban bus mobility in Madrid and ensure a positive journey experience, it was crucial to understand the passengers' needs. By utilizing passenger archetypes, we crafted functional features and comfortable seating compositions that cater to various needs and desires. This approach ensures that passengers have a positive, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

Improved communication and safety

In the exterior design, digitization serves a vital function by enabling communication among operators, passengers, and pedestrians. A 360-degree digital band encircling the vehicle's top presents real-time information and highlights the optimal passenger entrance. Additionally, it enables the driver to share information, enhancing safety and efficiency in the transportation system, benefiting pedestrians as well.

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