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Developed by eesy Innovation, H2 is a smart lifestyle brand that offers its users app-powered accessories. Easily approachable - H2 makes smart technology affordable and usable for everyone.


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The H2 product portfolio includes a multitude of different sensors in the categories of health & living, security, and energy, all connected by a single app.

One smart family connected with your home.

Our future is digital, exciting and of course, connected! The H2 sensor family connects us with our homes through a unique set of home sensors. The H2 smart home product family is the perfect start to home automation and blends seamlessly into different interior styles. As our life is getting more connected - so do our homes and workplaces. Whether it is our living room, bedroom, or office, the various sensors can comfortably be operated and monitored from anywhere via the H2 phone app.

“From starting with a kick-off workshop in Munich to finishing with receiving all the deliverables in time, working along with N+P was an impressive experience. Apart from professional work, they helped us re-think our design approach. Their dedication and passion for the project went beyond expectations, and we are looking forward to future collaborations.“

Mr. Hef., eesy Innovation

H2 - Smart Home Branding.

The H2 communication strategy tells the story of the friendly smart technology that makes life easier. The storytelling focuses on the benefits smart devices bring to our everyday life rather than on technological features. The premium design combined with warm imagery and human voice supports the H2 brand as being approachable for everyone. The unifying idea of user-friendly technology manifests itself in the design of H2 smart home devices.

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