Providing high-quality medical devices.

Since 1993, we have supported EMS SWITZERLAND, a Swiss market-leading manufacturer of high-quality medical devices, in consistently producing iconic designs for their product portfolio. The success lies in the combination of perfect ergonomics and an intuitive operation which maximizes precision, simplicity and safety in every clinical situation.









Industrial design
Digital design
Design for manufacture

Striking recognizability. Together with EMS Switzerland we constantly create some of the most iconic medical designs.

Iconic User Experience

User expectations for digital interactions are constantly rising. Especially in the medical sector, visual simplexity, outstanding ergonomics and an intuitive software increase the safety and wellbeing of both the staff and the patient. Numerous pre-sets, automated hardware detection as well as the perfect symbiosis of human-machine interaction result in faster, more efficient and more enjoyable treatments. The design of the GUI is based on the use of icons, grids, bright colors and a clear intuitive user navigation

Design collaboration since 1993

Professional and uncompromising design unified with innovative high performance technology build the foundation for the EMS product portfolio. Each product was carefully developed and combined sophisticated technology from the experience of 27+ years, creating iconic product design in the medical field.

“With EMS Switzerland we redefined design standards in the medical field and were able to create a bold and recognizable brand - bridging the gaps between the users, the patients and the technical possibilities.“

Kat Mayer, Senior Strategic Designer

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