Connecting in Style: the Iconic Design of the Euregia Ferry

N+P’s work positively influenced the financing and construction of the third Lake Constance ferry between Germany and Switzerland. Its design with less enclosed steel and more transparency with glass allowed drastic cost reductions while increasing the comfort and flexibility of use for its passengers.









Industrial Design


Transportation Design

The MF Euregia is a flexible vessel, designed as a ferry but conceived initially for different uses, making it attractive and comfortable.

Comfort and Design

Shipbuilders are traditionalistic and in love with steel. The more steel we use, the better the ship will be, says the shipyard. A lot of steel will make the ship robust, say the operating companies. But up -to-date ship building could look like this: glass instead of maximization of steel, transparency instead of can-like confinement, an airy ambience, better facilities for handicapped passengers, safe stowage for bikes, prams and freights.

Travelling on high level

In view of the shortage of space on overland routes, traffic planers have discovered that ships are good not only for trips or coffee parties. Direct connections by water are considered a real alternative to jammed motorways. Precondition: If the ship is to run economically or even profitably it must not be inferior to other means of transport regarding comfort, punctuality and speed.

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