Compact laser workstation for refractive eye surgery.

Femtosecond and Excimer lasers are mobile workstations that provide many treatment options for patients in the field of refractive eye surgery. The workstations are designed to maximise patient comfort and provide medical staff with high functionality and easy usability. It’s compact design and small footprint makes the workstation highly mobile. N+P was responsible for the product design of both lasers as well as the GUI.



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The next generation of mobile eye surgery workstations for improved patient comfort and user functionality - modular, affordable and elegant.

Two visionary workstations

The FEMTON F1 and MICRON 7 are designed to offer the greatest patient comfort throughout the procedure. The rounded shapes make the station appear less ‘machine-like’ which calms patients and increases the feeling of trust. The flowing surfaces improve overall hygiene while helping users and patients alike to intuitively understand the functions of the laser system. Moreover, the design of the laser arm can be rotated, so that the surgeon has full access and a clear microscope view of the patient’s eye.

Modular, cost efficient design

Both workstations have a compact, modular design which allows the laser system to be lightweight and easy to move from one operating room to another. The system is upgradable and compatible with existing surgery tables and Excimer Laser Systems. The width of only 790 mm allows passage through most standard doors as well as lifts. The result is a highly cost-effective laser system with a large number of application possibilities and configurations.

Intuitive and efficient workflow

With the redesigned GUI, Excelius Medical now offers a consistent and user-friendly interface for the entire product family of laser systems. The new platform provides a better overview of the surgical process, an intuitive workflow and faster response times. The modern look-and-feel of the GUI is achieved through the minimal use of highlight colours to simplyfy complex data and processes, making it easy to understand.

“We really appreciated N+P’s super creative work on the laser and GUI design. The team’s capabilities truly improved the product designs.”

George Huang, Managing Director, Excelsius Medical GmbH

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