Frauscher’s smart device on the tracks.

Frauscher is one of the leading manufacturers of sensor technology in the rail industry. We helped Frauscher find a holistic brand logic for both physical and digital products, designing SENSiS Detection Point SPD and new state-of-the-art product experience.









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Digital design
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Transportation design

The award winning design of SENSiS collects data and digitalizes them. Together with groundbreaking product experience we provided a holistic brand logic for both physical and digital products.

SSENSiS Detection Point SDP, intelligent railway vacancy detection sensor

SENSis is a award winning railway vacancy detectection system that features safe, precise and reliable wheel detection and offers new IoT capabilities, it not only detects trains reliably, but also evaluates the wheel sensor signals and digitises them. It also collects a number of other data, such as acceleration and temperature. These are also evaluated in the sensor, processed and made available to a network in the form of useful information.

Keeping Frauscher Tracking Solutions on the right track.

The new interface design provides railway operators and service companies with an interface that maps the condition of track and infrastructure in real time. Changes in the data collected on track – track, track bed, sleepers, wheels and more – are detected and displayed on a user interface in a clear form for the first time. In addition to the optimised possibilities for train detection, this solution attracted a great deal of interest.

“We presented SENSiS for the first time at InnoTrans 2018 and were overwhelmed by the great interest and positive feedback. This system opens up completely new possibilities and represents the latest generation of track vacancy detection against the backdrop of an increasing digitalisation of the railway industry.”

Mr. Mayank Tripathi, Managing Director at Frauscher.

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