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N+P have supported FREI AG, a leading Bavarian manufacturer of high-quality fitness and rehabilitation devices, in consistently producing classic designs for their product portfolio since 1994. The latest product line, LUXXUM, brings this legacy into the 21st century by combining high-quality functionality with timeless aesthetics.




1994 - today




Industrial design
Graphic design
Design for manufacture

FREI AG has produced high-quality rehabilitation equipment for over 40 years. N+P designed the first joint product 26 years ago - a timeless design that has since become a classic.

FREI AG: The success story

By prioritizing user comfort and wellbeing, the devices are highly successful and relevant today. Each product is carefully developed and combines sophisticated technology with 26+ years of design experience in the field. The resulting equipment features finetuned ergonomics and timeless designs.

The power of design

The latest fitness line, Luxxum, is strongly inspired by the functionality of the original equipment designs, modernising them with appealing aesthetics. All units boast an integrated hydraulic damping weight plate, enabling noise-free workouts while providing intuitive user guidance. The series consists of a total of 13 units for the major muscle groups. The medical devices in this series are manufactured in accordance with the quality management system in the Black Forest in Bavaria, Germany.

“Since the collaboration with N+P, a substantial added value has been created through the synergy of design, physiotherapy, development and production, which clearly sets our products apart from the competition.”

Rudolf Frei, Founder of FREI AG

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