The Petřín Funicular Train

N+P designed a pair of funicular trains for the historic centre of Prague. The iconic design reflects the heritage of the old town, yet incorporates a modern aesthetic and innovative design solutions. The open, spacious interior and 360° windows connect passengers with the surrounding nature and provide beautiful views of the city.









Industrial design

Interior design


Transport design

Petřín is an oasis of nature in the historical centre of Prague.

Each year people gather in the baroque gardens in the centre of Prague, to celebrate spring amongst the blossoming cherry trees.


We undertook a redesign of the funicular train which transports passengers to and from Petřín, creating a moving viewing platform to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the gardens and the old city of Prague.

The Exterior Design

Our iconic design reflects the heritage of Petřín yet also introduces modern and innovative mobility solutions. The exterior is defined by two symmetrical elements, creating a natural and harmonious shape that acts as a frame for the surrounding natural environment.

The Interior Design

The interior features four platforms with tinted glass railings and steam bent wooden seating, to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


The large side windows and glass roof allow passengers to immerse themselves in the beautiful views.

Layout Details

The shape consists of two identical frames, rotated by 180°, which create a gently curving enclosure around the views of the old city.

The interior layout features passenger doors on both sides. The driver also has additional emergency exits, as required by the operator.

The interior consists of 4 platforms, divided by glass partitions. The 2nd level is wheelchair accessible, and the 4th (top) platform has 2 bicycle racks installed.


The duration of the ride only takes 2 minutes, so there is plenty of standing space. People mostly stand to get a better view of the scenery through the windows.

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