Funicular Train to Petřín

An iconic railway in the heart of Prague

Project Brief

N+P introduces two iconic funicular trains for Prague's historic center, blending heritage with modern design. Passengers are treated to immersive experiences, connecting them with the natural beauty of their surroundings and offering breathtaking vistas of the cityscape.








Product + Innovation

An exterior design masterpiece

Our iconic design pays homage to the heritage of Petřín while introducing an innovative modern mobility solution. Characterized by symmetrical elements, the exterior forms a harmonious frame that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural environment.

Crafting comfort and connection

Within, the interior boasts four platforms accented by tinted glass railings and steam-bent wooden seating, fostering an open and inviting environment. Expansive side windows and a glass roof offer passengers an immersive experience, allowing them to engage in the scenic beauty outside.

The interior blueprint

The structure comprises two identical frames, rotated 180°, forming a gently curved enclosure framing views of the old city. Inside, passenger doors flank both sides, with additional emergency exits for the driver's cabin as per operational standards.


The interior layout comprises four platforms separated by glass partitions. The second level is wheelchair accessible, while the top platform houses two bicycle racks. With a brief 2-minute ride duration, ample standing space is available, allowing passengers to enjoy the scenic views through the windows.

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