The future of high-speed rail

Three visionary exterior design concepts were realized during a design sprint inspired by Chinese landscapes, the Fenghuang and the merging of digital and physical worlds. The future of Asian long-distance and high-speed travel is iconic, aerodynamic and radically forward thinking, combining digital and physical worlds.


Self-initiated project






Transportation design
Strategic design

Envisioning the next generation of iconic and aerodynamic high-speed rail for Asia

Concept Lotus

The concept for the nose design of this high-speed train is inspired by China’s natural landscapes. The train uses the organic flowing lines of nature to enable an aerodynamic exterior design, defining the new era of rail. Prominent light elements underline the sleek and streamlined look of the train.

Concept Phoenix

A modern legend and a new interpretation of the Chinese Fenghuang. The train becomes a symbol for bridging the past with modern technology. It offers a soft and modern exterior design with a focus on the bold interpretation of the eyes and colors of the Fenghuang. The form is inspired by flowing shapes and organic surfaces and combines traditional Chinese elements with modern and futuristic highlights - Phoenix eyes.

Concept Railblade

Bridging physical and digital worlds into an immersive experience. Clean and sharp lines promote the outstanding quality and technologically advanced character of the train. Digital features are an integral part of the exterior and complete the overall appearance. The concept focuses on easy-to-understand shapes and geometries, combined with exciting digital details and elements.

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