Excellence in currency technology

N+P have supported G+D since 1994 in shaping their product portfolio, branding and the future of currency technology. A perfect combination of engineering and aesthetics, made in Germany.









Industrial design
Design for manufacture

The design of G+D machines prove that heavy machinery can be both beautiful and elegant as well as easy-to-use.

“The long-term cooperation between N+P Design and G+D brought many advantages to both sides: We understand and share each other's goals and jointly develop a consistent portfolio step by step.“

Andreas Bergsträßer, Design Manager

Successful collaboration since 1995

By prioritizing brand recognizability and user experience, the devices are highly successful and relevant today. Each product has been carefully developed and combines sophisticated technology with over 26 years of experience, resulting in machinery with fine tuned ergonomics and timeless designs.

BPS X9: Precise and visionary

At 44 banknotes per second, the BPS X9 sets new standards in speed and clearly demonstrates the development of the G+D brand. It excels with a novel design identity - precise and visionary.

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