Innovative solutions for banknote handling

Project Brief

Introducing the BPS® M-evo, an advanced banknote handling system that swiftly counts, checks, and sorts large volumes of banknotes. With faster processing, higher accuracy, and improved security, it's ideal for banks and businesses. Key features include upgraded software, enhanced counterfeit detection, efficient error handling, improved sensor evaluation, and an updated stacker module. This upgrade boosts efficiency, security, and user satisfaction, meeting the changing demands of the financial sector.








Product + Innovation

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New technology for the precise classification of banknotes

The BPS® M-evo series is designed for efficiency, sustainability, and safety improvements, all in a user-friendly package. With its sleek cadet grey and onyx black exterior, it embraces G+D's modern design principles. Notable upgrades include easier module access, transparent surfaces for improved process visibility, and ergonomic machine bases, tailored for automated processes and reducing prolonged seated work.

A new standard in user-friendly design

The redesigned BPS® M-evo features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to operators with minimal training. Powered by advanced detection technology and intelligent software, it efficiently processes banknotes with minimal errors, enhancing accuracy, productivity, and resource savings. These benefits ensure smoother financial operations and mitigate risks.

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