Nordstern highspeed seating system

Project Brief

Collaborating with Grammer, our Highspeed Seating System revolutionizes train seating by introducing zone-based arrangements that transcend traditional class divisions, prioritizing shared passenger needs. Enhanced digital features provide travelers with personalized journeys tailored for Highspeed Trains. This partnership with industry leaders has resulted in an innovative project aimed at transforming passenger experiences, reshaping the rail travel landscape with a focus on comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.


Grammer AG






Product + Innovation

Business + Strategy

Digital + Services

Grammer’s strategic evolution

We embarked on a strategic journey guided by the principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy, seeking to differentiate Grammer in a competitive market. The primary focus was on developing a distinctively adaptable product line, with an emphasis on modularity, well-being, digitalization, and future sustainability. By means of a thorough analysis of competitors, we gained valuable strategic insights to reposition Grammer effectively within the long-distance transport sector.

The Nordstern vision

The Nordstern vision centered on modular seating, featuring a flexible construction kit and innovative zoning to meet diverse passenger requirements, redefining class differentiation. Premium zones offer exclusive privacy with distinctive cabin designs and advanced technology features, while Work zones provide individual workstations equipped with S-seats and storage solutions. Lounge areas encourage social interaction and comfort, Flex zones adapt to group needs with foldable seats, and Basic zones prioritize high capacity and affordability.

Mobile app integration

We developed a user-friendly mobile application to serve as an intuitive interface for passengers, offering a wide array of functionalities to enhance their journey experience. Through the app, users can conveniently adjust their seat settings digitally, complete check-in procedures, make seat reservations, and plan their travel routes.

Advancing prototypes through innovative collaboration

Collaborating with Lantal for fabric and 3D embroidery expertise, and Sekisui Kydex for thermoplastics and decors, we enhanced the color, material, and finish (CMF) of our fully functional prototype.


Presented at the 2023 RedCabin event in Vienna, our collaboration was celebrated during a board-level presentation, highlighting technical innovations and partnership synergies. Grammer showcased a lightweight, modular magnesium seat, while N+P demonstrated design strategy and project management. Lantal and Sekisui Kydex spotlighted their unique contributions, and the collaboration was honored with the “Design Innovation of the Year” award.

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