Zoned Seating System

In collaboration with Grammer, the new Highspeed Seating System creates zones instead of traditional class differentiation. It groups people based on shared characteristics and needs, rather than socio-economic status.

The extensive digitalisation allows passengers to enjoy a uniquely customisable travel experience that has been specifically designed for Highspeed Trains.









Industrial design

Transportation design

Strategic design

Circular design

Capacity and comfort. The modular seating system enables a customised experience designed for innovative mobility ecosystems.

Modular Design

The clever use of common parts, combined with additional features, provides passengers with a wide variety of seat configurations and enhances wellbeing. The furniture-like colour, material and finish is optimised for public use, such as the dark shell at the base of the seat which minimises signs of use. The upper half of the seats use textiles to provide comfort, as well as optimise environmental acoustics.

Digital Extension

The digital companion app is connected directly to the seat configurations and general travel logistics. Based on the specific characteristics of different zones and passenger needs, the system ensures a relaxing experience through seat adjustments, personalised notification via built-in seat speakers, connection to food & beverage services, augemented reality sightseeing through the windows and much more.

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