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Digital experiences have become ubiquitous, yet certain product categories often maintain a conservative appearance. Since 2011, N+P has partnered with Haier, the Chinese consumer electronics giant, to revolutionize the home appliance sector and create user-centered solutions for both the Chinese and European markets. With extensive experience in designing cutting-edge products, N+P collaborates closely with Haier's in-house team across multiple product categories, prioritizing user-centric design.








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Haier Super Drum design conception

Through extensive research on Chinese home laundry habits an pain-points, we collaborated with the Haier Innovation Design Team to reimagine the integration of washing machines into daily life. Subsequently, Haier's in-house design team brought this concept to fruition.

Cross-cultural research

Haier and N+P collaborate closely, conducting targeted qualitative and quantitative research to understand the values and beliefs that influence consumer preferences. Using the research findings, they identify opportunity areas that guide projects, ensuring user-centered design for both the Chinese and European markets.

Enhanced laundry handling

The raised and enlarged door not only improves laundry handling but also showcases the spacious inner drum. By condensing interface elements into a single display with a linear structure, users are intuitively guided for optimal washing results. Smart dosing and connected features further simplify the process for a pleasant experience.

This streamlined design not only offers a modern look but also seamlessly integrates into living spaces. The collaborative effort between design teams prioritized both visual appeal and interactive experience, resulting in a productive and iterative process.

"It is a great experience working with the N+P team. We believe that systematic methodology is the basis of a fantastic product."

Yang Li, Business Development Manager at Haier

Video credit: Haier Group Corporation

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