HID + Assa Abloy

Biometric self-boarding gates

Project Brief

Expanding our partnership with Assa Abloy, we've combined efforts with HID to craft a modular add-on system, facilitating a seamless integration of the HID face recognition technology with Assa Abloy's speed gates. Our design boasts a sleek yet distinctive aesthetic, effortlessly blending with the gate's geometric profile while intuitively guiding user interaction.


HID + Assa Abloy






Product + Innovation

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Elegant design meets modular versatility

Enhancing the aesthetic versatility of the speed gate, we've expanded its functionality to seamlessly integrate the HID U.ARE.U system. Framed within a sophisticated enclosure, the system includes the screen and all technical components, connected to the speed gate via an adjustable arm. This integration offers added convenience and can be complemented with a barcode scanner, a passport scanner, or used independently, all while upholding the gate's elegant and formal design.

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