Hyundai Rotem

Iconic hydrogen powered tramway design

Project Brief

Together with Hyundai Rotem's design team, we co-created a concept for a prospective hydrogen tram platform. Our design emphasizes adaptability and versatility, enabling effortless customization to suit diverse environments. Moreover, the interior layout facilitates various adjustments and seamless integration of third-party solutions. The project was first showcased at InnoTrans 2020.


Hyundai Rotem






Product + Innovation

Business + Strategy

Iconic design for groundbreaking technology

The modular design approach of the tram can be adapted to various contexts, showcasing its bold and remarkable expression of innovative hydrogen fuel technology. The highly customizable configuration of bogies caters to the diverse needs and requirements of different operators, while interior layouts also follow a modular approach, catering to diverse passenger needs.

Accessible transit: Inclusive and convenient

The fully accessible tram offers wheelchair-friendly access and can accommodate bikes, scooters, and prams, ensuring convenience and inclusivity for all passengers.

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