JOY - The Journey of Tomorrow

JOY is a mobility service that will pick you up at your home, office or wherever you might be and deliver you to the desired location: hotel, office, manufacturing plant, family or your friend's home.



Self-initiated project






Industrial design
Transportation design
Service design
Digital design

JOY is the autonomous door-to-door mobility service of tomorrow which makes use of features already available today.

The challenges of travelling today

We live in a very fast-moving world, a world that is getting more and more complex. Caused by digitalization, the various areas of everyday life and work are melting into a complex and sometimes very stressfull system. People are seeking flexibility and solutions that help to regain a balance between private and work life. But not just this so called work and life balance is important – it is a simplification of the ever more complex world that we are seeking. Homes, workspaces as well as mobility interiors should fulfill physical and multi-sensorial needs and ultimately lead to emotional wellbeing.

One interior platform - serving all your needs.

The system is powered by a fleet of autonomous electric vehicles.
A custom tailored interior that adapts to JOY´s versatile application spectrum from premium single travel to more capacity based economy solutions makes sure that every traveller feels well cared for. The interior offers several configurations for specific user needs and a scalable number of passengers.

“With Joy, we close the gaps in multimodal mobility. Through the clever selection and integration of state of the art technology, we created an alternative platform solution that makes today’s traveling easier and more enjoyable.“

David Beyersdorffer, N+P Senior Industrial Designer

The journey as your mobile home office

Imagine you can perfectly use the time while being on your journey to your next presentation or important work meeting to prepare the final slides and squeeze out the last five percent for your perfect project pitch. The travel experience of today is a different reality - most of the time the journey itself allready has taken all of your energy. Joy enables the passenger during the autonomous ride to feel both at home and in a productive work area.

Travelling tomorrow.

Joy is meant to replace short-haul-flights or to serve as an alternative to train or bus trips, car rental or taxi rides. The rigors of checking-in, security checks and tight, uncomfortable seating and unhealthy, instant food are replaced with a door to door service that also contributes to environmental protection. JOY is a mobility service that will pick you up at your home, office or whereever you might be and deliver you to the desired location: hotel, company office, manufacturing plant, family or best friend. Joy makes our life more comfortable, accessible and our time more precious.

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