Relaxing time for urban dwellers

With an increased interest in sustainable alternatives for private vehicles, expectations on public transport are evolving. This study shows a near-future tram concept which centers around quality time for passengers.


Self-initiated project






Transportation design
Digital design
Industrial design
Strategic design

The trams have been designed to grant comfort for short- to mid-length urban journeys and can be adapted to satisfy different needs.

A friendly, bold and highly communicative exterior.

The exterior design highlights the front and rear parts of the tram, which makes the vehicle highly recognisable within the urban context. The light rings inside the coloured frames communicate with passengers, cyclists, and cars through different light interactions.

A new level of comfort: Smart features turn each tram ride into a pleasant experience.

We are always on the move, and our definition of home is shifting. With a raised standard of comfort, trams can help passengers to use travel time to ease, rest and recline. Therefore, the interior is as much inspired by residential interiors as it features all the functional elements needed. Warm and soft materials are combined with an easing colour palette. Smart features such as device-charging options round up the experience.

Accessibility is key.

Each passenger can use any door: The “universal spaces” are next to every door of the trams and offer enough space for people with wheelchairs, bikes or strollers. High contrasts facilitate orientation throughout the vehicles. The screens are placed so that each traveller can receive relevant information with ease.

“Clever functionality has been combined with an enhanced level of comfort to create a rewarding, relaxing urban transport experience.“

Christiane Bausback, Managing Director N+P

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