Reimagining the urban lightrail experience

Project Brief

As the demand for sustainable transportation options rises, there's a growing expectation for public transit to evolve. This study delves into a futuristic tram concept, reimagining passenger experiences to meet these changing demands and aspirations.








Product + Innovation

Digital + Services

Branding + Communication

Communication through color, shape and light

The tram's exterior design emphasizes both its front and rear, ensuring high visibility in urban environments. Vibrant lights within colored frames engage with passengers, cyclists, and motorists, serving various functions and enhancing interaction.

A new definition of comfort

As our lifestyles evolve, so does our concept of home. Modern trams offer enhanced comfort, allowing passengers to relax and unwind during their travels. Smart amenities like wireless charging further elevate the experience.

Interior space that feels like home

The interior design incorporates soft, warm materials and a calming color palette reminiscent of residential spaces. This creates a comfortable and secure ambiance, challenging the notion that functionality and comfort cannot coexist in design.

Accessible and inclusive

Passengers have the freedom to choose their entry point, with universal spaces conveniently located next to each entrance. These inclusively designed areas accommodate individuals with wheelchairs, bikes, or strollers. Strategically positioned screens provide passengers with easy access to relevant information.

"Clever functionality has been combined with an enhanced level of comfort to create a rewarding, relaxing urban transport experience."

Christiane Bausback, CEO at N+P Innovation Design

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