Digital healthcare assistant

Project Brief

At the core of the system lies a soft sensor module designed to be worn comfortably on the patient's back, discreetly concealed beneath clothing. In critical situations, such as a fall, moio promptly transmits signals across the entire care network. Simultaneously, it records synchronized documentation, creating a robust database for future care planning initiatives.








Product + Innovation

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Branding + Communication

Enhanced comfort with the moio system

The system comprises a flat, soft, and flexible sensor module that patients can carry discreetly and comfortably on their back.

Inconspicuous sensor placement

The sensor module can be inconspicuously and comfortably fastened to the back using velcro pads, which can be affixed to specialized plasters or a soft, elasticated waistband.

Effortless independence and caregiving

The moio system, aimed at streamlining caregiving, caters to various needs. It offers solutions for users requiring assistance in attachment and features a waistband for independent use. Furthermore, the product's design prioritizes minimalism, seamlessly conforming to the body, various clothing styles, and usage scenarios to ensure unobtrusive integration.

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