Shaping urban life in Munich

Project Brief

The unified identity of the public transport system and supplementary services for the city of Munich is part of a bigger initiative of sustainable and innovative public mobility. N+P is the lead agency for holistic mobility strategy, brand, guiding ideas, conception and implementation of mobility concepts and communication. Through our stakeholder-centred approach, N+P supports the operator in the preparation of tenders and selection of partners as well as coordination of a diverse environment of society, companies and public institutions.


SWM, Siemens AG, Bombardier


Since 2016




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Door-to-door public mobility solutions

The face of Munich’s public transportation was developed over many years of collaboration. The projects included the C1 and C2 metro, a rental bike system, e-charging stations, urban architecture and a passenger transport system at the airport.

Munich’s green electricity charging station

The new charging stations located in various parts of the city gained a common visual design aligned with the SWM/MVG corporate identity. The stations blend neatly into the surrounding urban structures, while still being recognizable from a distance, thanks to the new icon and blue stripes on the side which symbolize the loading process.

MVG Rad - Mobility within reach

The new Munich rental bike is a highly-equipped city bike, which is visually integrated into the product line of the Munich public transport company. With 8 gears the MVG bike combines maximum functionality with perfect handling. It can be used for both city rides and long-distance journeys.

Munich Metro C2

Munich’s subway network is constantly growing. Modern stations and an innovative generation of vehicles add extra attractiveness and value. The C2 trains are characterized by their timeless design, generous layout planning as well as high accessibility and usability for all passengers. The interior boasts an innovative layout combination of floating sidewall seats, vis-à-vis seating arrangements, new grab poles, and a lot of transparency.

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