Rebranding Munich's public transportation

Project Brief

N+P devised a comprehensive branding strategy for MVV - M√ľnchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, enhancing the passenger journey across multiple touchpoints. This holistic approach involved revamping the logo, refreshing the color palette, and updating visual communication. The unified designs establish a distinct and recognizable brand identity across all public interfaces.








Product + Innovation

Digital + Services

Branding + Communication

Business + Strategy

Identifying key insights

To gain deeper insights into the expectations and requirements of MVV passengers, employees, and stakeholders, we conducted extensive interviews both publicly and internally. Analyzing the gathered data enabled us to identify pivotal moments and areas of concern throughout the user journey, guiding our efforts to enhance the overall experience.

A fresh identity

Aiming for inclusivity, our design system prioritizes visual clarity and a coherent structure across all physical and digital interfaces. We blend functionality with a touch of heritage, paying homage to MVV's past while embracing forward-thinking mobility solutions.


Leveraging our analytical insights and strategic approach, we crafted a refreshed visual identity rooted in the strengths of the original. Our logo designs reflect our vision for the future, considering the diverse elements and stakeholders associated with the MVV brand.

Clear navigation

As part of the brand relaunch, we overhauled and modernized the timetables. Featuring a new font for enhanced legibility and the revamped logo, these timetables now better showcase the mobility partners at all stops. Additionally, the updated MVV stop signage and vehicle designs bolster visibility, ensuring clear navigation in diverse environments, from rural to urban settings.

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