Redefining the face of public transportation

N+P created a branding strategy at various touchpoints along the passenger journey for the new look of MVV – Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund. The holistic brand approach included a redesigned logo, refreshed colour palette, and updated visual communication. The new designs unify the brand appearance, with an instantly recognisable identity across all public touchpoints.









Research + analysis



Insight + strategy

Transport design

We envisioned the future of MVV and created a modern, easily recognisable and holistic brand identity.

User expectations and market analysis

To better understand the expectations and needs of MVV passengers, employees and stakeholders, we conducted multiple public and internal interviews.


The analysis of the data we collected allowed us to highlight key moments and pain points along the user journey and focus on improving the experience as a whole.

What makes a strong public transportation brand?

Visual clarity and a clear structure enable an inclusive design system that can be utilised across all physical and digital touchpoints.


A strong focus on functionality is made more personal and recognisable by acknowledging the history of the MVV, while always looking to the future and the public mobility solutions of tomorrow.

The logo

In order to apply our analytical findings and strategy, we created a new visual identity based on the strengths of the old identity.


While exploring logo designs, we were guided by our future vision and all the interacting components and people surrounding the MVV brand.

People and their individual mobility needs are always the centre point of the concentric circles.

Physical touchpoints

Revised and redesigned timetables are an important part of the brand relaunch. The new font offers the best possible legibility, while the new logo increases mobility partner presence at all stops.


The new MVV stop and vehicle design strengthens the signalling effect, improving visibility in both rural and urban settings.

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