Revolutionary infection treatment

Over the last decades and since their launch antibiotics have become ineffective to some bacteria, fungi, i.e. germs have become multi-resistant. Nanolyte was developed to help within these special situations.








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Nanolyte is a revolutionary device that effectively cures infection without the use of antibiotics.

Touchless infection healing.

Nanolyte consists of a special LED surface spotlight for infection healing according to the principle of low-level light therapy. The light source is modular and can be adapted to the size of the wound. It is also equipped with Nanoliquid that is applied topically on the infected area. Nanolyte effectively heals bacterial and fungal infections - without the use of antibiotics, without touching the skin, and without pain.

The associated digital assistant.

Together with the device comes also the Nanolyte app. It is a digital assistant that guides the user through the whole application. The progress of the treatment is monitored and displayed on the screen where can be easily controlled.

Accelerating idea into the real business.

Moonshot Event host hundreds of experts from various fields that bring 1 idea into a marketable company in a fixed time frame of only 72 hours. Nanolyte was build during this event from scratch based on a medical research project. The start-up was promised an investment of 180,000 euros straight after the final presentation.

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