Night train for China

Due to the large distances, night trains are rated very high within the Chinese market. Building on existing wagons which had been designed by N+P three years prior, two different variations of sleeper wagons were developed - a “softsleeper-area” for 4-passengers and a high density “hardsleeper-area” open space with separated bunk beds. The new sleeper-layouts combined with the new wash-rooms maximize space and comfort for travelling passengers.



CNR Tangshan






Transportation design
Industrial design
Design for manufacture

An innovative layout for Chinese night trains maximises space and comfort for passengers - a hotel on wheels.

Hotel Ambience

I was very important to us to have a consistent design language, lots of practical details, generous sanitation areas and the greatest possible privacy for every passenger. Both classes provide all passengers with a daytime situation with seats, as well as a comfortable night situation, which can be generated in only a few simple steps. Details such as a consistent CMF concept, individually adjustable lighting + video monitors, LED displays next to the compartment doors and curved compartment facades create an ambience more like a modern hotel than a “sleeping car.

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