PTS for Munich Airport Terminal 2

In 2010, N+P conducted a design study for the Passenger Transportation System (PTS) of the Munich Airport with the goal to integrate the vehicle into the surrounding architecture and align it with the brand identity of Terminal 2. N+P went on the support the subsequent tendering process and collaborated with Bombardier in the redesign of the exterior and interior of the vehicles.


Lufthansa, Flughafen München, Bombardier






Transportation design

The design study envisioned a horizontal lift which seamlessly integrates itself into the existing airport architecture.

Redesign with Bombardier

Based on the desig study, N+P collaborated with Bombardier in the redesign of their vehicle platform and built on the ideas of the design study. Through design detailling, the safety and experience during the passenger journey was greatly improved through the optimization of seating layout, grab handles and passenger flow.

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