Schrack Seconet

Revolutionary fire alarm systems

Project Brief

This advanced solution transforms fire alarm systems with its user-friendly interface, instant data transmission, and adaptable design. It seamlessly integrates to improve user experience and ensure rapid responses, safeguarding lives and assets. Setting a new benchmark in fire detection and prevention, this innovative product prioritizes sustainability and social impact through its scalable, compatible, and flexible technology.


Schrack Seconet



Sleek design for clarity and safety

The fire alarm system prioritizes security and clarity through its minimalist aesthetics. Featuring clean lines, simplicity, compactness, and neutral colors, it seamlessly integrates into diverse environments and interiors, reducing visual stress. Modular parts facilitate easy integration, streamlining installation and minimizing setup downtime. Crafted from durable materials like ABS matte and PE, the components ensure longevity, perfectly fitting components and resistance to fingerprints.

A unified vision of brand differentiation and compatibility

In the Swiss Securitas Group, Schrack Seconet and Hekatron unite under a common vision of technological excellence, reflected in the innovative control panel. This design boasts a dual advantage: it minimizes production and logistics expenses through scalable modularity and streamlines planning, support, maintenance, documentation, and certification processes. Such harmonization ensures compatibility across various units and generations, thereby enabling efficient upgrades.

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