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Project Brief

In partnership with Siemens Mobility, we developed diverse interior concepts for upcoming high-speed trains targeting the global market. Our focus encompassed various passenger needs and user scenarios, resulting in the visualization of a wide array of ideas tailored to different personas and user groups. These outcomes were collectively showcased at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin.


Siemens Mobility






Product + Innovation

Business + Strategy

Dedicated work spaces and quiet relaxation

With a spacious and open-plan layout designed to encourage relaxation and social interaction, our interior concept offers a premium ambiance. Luxurious materials are meticulously selected to elevate the look and feel, enhancing the overall travel experience with a sense of relaxing sophistication.

Elevated business seating: where comfort meets productivity

Individual seating arrangements and optimized surface layouts contribute to improved working conditions. Additional dividers provide increased privacy, complemented by ambient lighting and dedicated task lighting. A cozy and inviting atmosphere is achieved through the incorporation of textiles, subdued color palettes, and wooden accents. The use of complementary textiles also aids in reducing ambient noise levels, ensuring a conducive environment for productivity and relaxation.

Maximising comfort in minimal space

Streamlined economy seats enable a reduced seat pitch and an enhanced seat per cubic meter ratio, all while accommodating a back seat panel and multimedia shelf. Fully reclining seats provide the option for passengers to rest in a more horizontal position, particularly during quieter periods such as overnight and early mornings. The sleep feature becomes available based on capacity, presenting the opportunity for a new revenue model alongside the traditional daytime focus.

Improved wheelchair accessibility

Improved access and open-planning creates a better experience for wheelchair users. The stowaway tables are height adjustable and the layout configuration includes a folding seat option, multiple handrails and an intercom system. The use of matching materials, fabrics and soft padding create a sense of unity throughout the carriage.

Comfort seating with storage space

A social space is cleverly designed to accommodate luggage storage, situated between seat rows or achieved by folding up empty seats. Individual screens on the backs of seats offer clear information throughout the journey.

Family-friendly comfort: onboard spaces reimagined

Semi-open compartments with padded inner walls provide dedicated space for families and groups. Additional storage capacity for luggage is available next to the seats and in luggage racks, alongside a designated play area with room for strollers. Soft textures are incorporated to introduce a playful ambiance with vibrant colors, while also serving the practical purpose of reducing ambient noise and enhancing privacy.

Putting people at the centre of transport design

When designing for public transport, it's essential to address various aspects aligned with basic human needs. Practical needs are fulfilled through convenient, ergonomic, and cost-effective solutions.


Emotional needs are catered to by providing a reliable and enjoyable travel experience that resonates with each individual user. In our mobility projects, we strive to consider these aspects, recognizing that the emphasis on each may vary depending on the target scope.

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