Velaro train family

After the success of the German ICE 3 and ICE-T trains, which N+P designed for Deutsche Bahn in collaboration with Siemens AG, the Velaro train family was developed to commercialize the unique design. These trains became a worldwide export hit and were implemented in many countries including Spain, Russia and China. Both the exterior and interior design was customized to ensure that all specific operator and passenger needs were met.


Siemens AG


2000 - 2008




Industrial design
Design for manufacture
Transportation design

The Velaro train family is designed to the last detail. Through its adaptability it has become a global success story.

Designed to fit

Through the customization of both exterior and interior design, the Velaro train family is a platform which can be adapted to the local and cultural needs in different countries - such as the AVE S103 in Spain, the CRH 3 in China, the SAPSAN in Russia and the ICE 3 and ICE-T in Germany.

“After envisioning the “big picture” and testing it with 1:1 walk-in models, we defined every single detail inside and outside the trains over the following years. The train family was then engineered by Siemens - without compromise.”

Andreas Bergstraesser, Design Manager N+P

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