Metro São Paulo

Latin America’s first driverless, fully automated metro was inaugurated in São Paulo/ Brazil. It offers an open traveling-landscape which allows passengers to move through the whole train. With its characteristic front design, the “Linha Amarelo” sets new standards among Brazilian metros.








Transportation design

The Brazilian metropolis São Paulo was the first city to introduce an autonomous metro in Latin America.

First driverless metro in Latin America.

It is one of the most modern subways in the region and it features platform screen doors in all stations. The iconic “Linha Amarelo” aims to improve the quality and sustainability of urban transport in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region. The use of yellow as a signal color on the outside, combined with bright tones on the inside creates a fresh and inviting ambiance. This welcoming and “friendly” atmosphere is meant to enhance trust in autonomous driving.

Unique solution of the emergency exit.

The emergency exit is placed centrally between the two front windows. It has a simple, double fold-out mechanism that creates a ramp for easy exit of the passengers. Including important safety aspects such as the handrail, the system automatically folds out and transforms into a ramp within a few moments.

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