We are a passionate and multidisciplinary team of designers shaping the future of mobility, industry, health and home.

Our goal is to constantly question established norms, in order to transform, rethink and shape visions of the future.

The Studio

We design holistic
and longterm solutions.

For over 50 years, we have been designing high-tech products for public transportation, professional electronics and high-end consumer products, medical equipment and rehabilitation, as well as graphic and interaction. We accompany our clients from all over the world from the initial idea up to the product’s market launch and further. We design products that surpass the user’s expectations and perfectly meet the manufacturing and distribution requirements – developing new concepts and shaping visions.

Founded by
Alexander Neumeister

We are an international team from Germany, Austria, Spain, Brazil,
Colombia, France, Italy, England and India.

Award winning designs

Over the years we are proud to be recognized for our
design excellence and innovative approach.


Diversity makes us a perfect team to confront complex
problems and to design new and better solutions.

Successful projects

We accompany our clients from the initial idea up
to the market launch and further.


We are a young and passionate team always
aiming for design excellence.

We work with people for people.


Our core competences are the key to innovation.

N+P designs professional, high-tech electronics in various fields. The project scale ranges from hand-held devices to multi-storied machine installations. The results are durable capital goods, that enrich portfolios legitimating investment and development. For our clients we develop single product solutions, product lines and complete portfolios.



Here are some Case Studies:
MVG / iTero / Frauscher / JOY

We master the art to walk in our partners’ shoes and speak the same language in order to tackle challenges from the right angle and with the right force - from the very beginning. Our key success factor is to implement systemic innovation right into the existing framework of business, culture and capabilities.



Here are some Case Studies:
Hitachi AT200 / nanolyte / AVA

Since several years we have been helping our clients to shape and visualize their brands and values. Together with our clients, we create long-lasting identities, bringing the distinctive character of a brand to the foreground. Our comprehensive offerings include all relevant print and digital corporate tools as well as further media of communication like exhibition and motion design.



Here are some Case Studies:
Frauscher / eesy / JOY

Our philosophy is based on holistic solutions. Therefore we believe in interdisciplinary and cross-developed products and interfaces, which we work on simultaneously. N+P has developed several websites, social media platforms, pictograms, software applications for several systems and graphical user interfaces.



Here is a Case Study:

Co-creating the future

We turn visions into realities.
We question established norms.
Logo BOND International
Together with our partners we are
BOND International, the Ecosystem Company.
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THE Team

We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of designers.

Christiane Bausback


Andreas Bergstraesser

Design Manager

David Beyersdorffer

Lead Designer

Andrea Alvarez

Senior Industrial Designer

Gabriel Müller

Senior Industrial Designer

Joke Bergstraesser

Office Manager

Florian Pestorf

Senior Industrial Designer | Engineer

Ana Rita Otsuka

Senior UX/UI Designer

Sebastian Viering

Senior Industrial Designer

Romane Torqueau

Senior Industrial Designer



Leon Kürzeder

Senior Industrial Designer

Tristan Tschakert

Senior Industrial Designer

Fiona de Wert

UX/UI Designer

Jan Herbst

Junior Strategic Designer

Leon Rinne

Industrial Designer

Konstantin Lüdtke

Junior Industrial Designer

Wiebke Dörner

Junior Industrial Designer

Kavinaya Sakthivelan

Strategic Designer | Architect

Philipp Schabsky

Junior Industrial Designer

Luca Cappetti

Industrial Design Trainee

Marius Heitmann

Senior Industrial Designer

Marco Antoniazzi

Junior Industrial Designer

Franziska Dehm

Junior Industrial Designer

Doyeon Sarah Lee

Industrial Designer Trainee

Dr. Hajo Drees

Chief Business Officer

Alexander Neumeister

Founder and former Managing Director

The Legacy

A history of success.

THE Clients

Understanding the needs of our clients.


We partner with clients to translate ambitious goals into innovative projects. From start-ups to global players, our goal is to always provide solutions for every need.

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